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Evil Hot Step-Mother & Spoiled Brat Get Anal Punishment
Nov 29, 2016 - Mickey Mod , Amarna Miller , Chanel Preston
Hi and HD MP4.
Gorgeous little minx Amarna Miller is a spoiled brat daughter, returned to claim her Dad's estate and play BDSM games with the butler. She'll take a hard spanking and tight clamps on her pink pussy so she can get the hard fucking she so richly deserves. But her fun is interrupted by evil and hot Chanel Preston, estranged wife with her eyes on owning both the house, the Butler's hard cock, and Amarna as her personal sex slave. Cruel Chanel delivers a hot scene of verbal humiliation, intense flogging, clamps, cattle prod torment, and fuck training - but only after she has had her own fill of dick. But like all matters of litigation, nothing is as it seems, and according to the legal team Chanel may well have her own gold digging ass fucked and punished with hot wax and caning before the day is done.
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