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Natalie Brooks likes to let her dates know right away what is going to happen when she gets back to their houses. In this case, even though this stud was a gentleman and sheltered her from the rain with his umbrella, she wants him to know that she is not trying to do anything sexual. Our stud goes along with it, pretending that sex was never on his mind to begin with. But when you are hanging out with a gorgeous babe like Natalie, how can sex not be at the forefront. They sit down in the living room for a moment before heading into the bedroom, but Natalie still does not seem to be too keen on getting frisky. Our stud gets a little encouragement from his roommate as he throws a condom into the mix, and then all of a sudden, Natalies whole tune changes. She gets down on the bed and sucks our studs cock until it is throbbing and ready to be ed. She bends over for him to enter, reminding him to put the condom on, but our stud is just too excited. He sticks it in raw, and goes to town. Natalie loves every second. Until she realizes he just came inside her. Now she is filled with semen and steaming mad. I guess that is just how the cookie crumbles, Natalie! Do you think Natalie is a banging babe? Let us know in the comments!
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