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"Porn Star Punishment"
Strict Restraint : Redux
Candy Manson
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Candy Manson is not a timid might even call her fearless, which, in part, explains why she was happy to sign on as one of DungeonCorp's contract slavegirls...often, aggressive women just like to be put in thier place and it may take more of an effort, but in the end they all end up like helpless little kittens...loving every minute of thier coerced transformation...this is how Candy's day goes with Ogre on her first shoot with StrictRestraint...she begins in a tiny black dress, low cut to tease us with her huge tits...we direct her to gag herself and strip...then handcuffs behind her back...Ogre enters and sits her on his lap to fondle her...he stands her back up and collars her neck...he rigs it to keep her standing upright, then he whips her...rubber bands around her tits, a little poking, proding and pinching and Candy is already purring...In the next scene, steel cuffs around her wrists and ankles are drilled into the wall behind her, keeping her spread...Ogre toys with Candy for a good time before whipping her tits and pussy...he clamps her tongue and vibrates her pussy until she cums...then we strap candy down...arms out, legs bent, laying on her back...a muzzle gag keeps her quiet as Ogre covers her tits and tummy with 8 TENS pads...he turns them all up and uses an electrified dildo to fuck her pussy while vibing her clit...he turns up the current until Candy is shrieking...then clamps her swollen pussy and leaves her...Ogre belts her down to a back bending rack...ratchet straps are used to stretch her and even Candy can only tolerate this for a few minutes...Ogre plugs her mouth hole with a dildo, then he rigs her nipples with clamps and heavy the last scene, Candy's neck and wrists are locked into wooden stocks as she lays on her back...her legs are shackled and chained apart...Ogre toys with her...he fucks her with a machine, he canes her thighs and tits...he uses the magic wand to pleasure her cunt
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