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StepSiblingsCaught - Ember Stone, Jill Kassidy (Do As We Say) 01.11.17
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Tyler Nixon is chilling when his stepsisters Jill Kassidy and Ember Stone come outside in matching outfits and demand that he put lotion on them. When he declines to do a repeat performance later, the girls do some performing of their own with Jill rubbing the lotion all over Ember's back while Ember flashes her tits at Tyler. When the girls turn around so that Ember can give Jill the same treatment, Tyler can't take his eyes off of them. Later, when the girls demand that he helps them out of their tight dresses, he reluctantly agrees.
Now that they are naked and conveniently in Tyler's bedroom, the girls pounce. They push him down, double teaming his cock and deep throating it to absolute hardness so that they can play with their new toy. Tyler finally gets over his shock enough to really get into the fantasy of having two hot numbers all over him. Soon they have kicked off a raunchy threesome where both Ember and Jill's pussies get licked, sucked, and fucked.
After taking his stepsisters side by side on their hands and knees, Tyler arranges them into a horny 69 where he can drive into Ember from behind. That's the final straw for all three of the participants, especially once Tyler cums into Jill's mouth so that she can snowball his love with the cum craving Ember
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