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SexArt - Michelle H, Sybil A (Sunset) 12.16.16 720p
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As the day draws to a close and “Sunset” approaches, sexy redhead Michelle H and slender brunette Sybil A are enjoying some peaceful time together. Blue-eyed beauty Michelle is fixing her make-up ready for a night out, and as she leans in to apply lip gloss to her girlfriend’s pretty lips, she can’t resist unbuttoning her plaid shirt and caressing her perfect breasts. Sybil spreads her legs and Michelle takes the cue to slide her hand inside Sybil’s shorts and stroke her pussy. She strips the tanned cutie naked and turns her onto her knees, licking the smooth pink folds of her shaven pussy eagerly, making her juice up with pleasure. Michelle slips two fingers into Sybil’s tight hole and uses them like a cock, thrusting in and out. Sybil rubs her clit as Michelle’s drilling spurs her on to orgasm, showing her gratitude through passionate, open-mouthed kisses. Now Michelle slips out of her dress to stand over Sybil, who eagerly helps her out of her frilly lace underwear, pawing at Michelle’s beautiful breasts with their hard nipples. Pulling Michelle’s panties off, Sybil plays with Michelle’s clit as she straddles her and grinds on her lap. They switch places, Michelle spreading her thighs to let Sybil lick and finger her hungrily. Sybil watches her lover closely as she works her fingers into her slit, kissing her and thrilling to the sight of Michelle as she writhes with lust. Sybil’s expert touch brings Michelle’s climax crashing over her. The girls sit side by side and stroke their fingers against each other’s clit, racing to a second orgasm. As they dress and stroll out to enjoy the beautiful Mallorcan sunset, their deep connection is plain to see
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