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SexArt - Leda (Morning In Bed) 12.07.16 720p
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Hot Russian brunette Leda and her blond Belarusian beau Bran are having a “Morning In Bed,” fucking gently and tenderly but with smoldering intensity. It’s evident from the way they interact so lovingly that they are a real life couple. Opening with a succession of lingering looks and lip-locked kisses, the heat rises rapidly as Bran caresses and sucks Leda’s beautiful breasts. He slides his long, hard cock into her audibly wet pussy and then she takes the lead, riding him cowgirl while he hugs her. Leda increases the speed of her bounces and Bran reciprocates with synchronized thrusts of his cock, until Leda comes, quietly but powerfully. Climbing off Bran’s dick, Leda slips between his legs and gazes into his eyes as she grips his cock and trails her tongue up and down the shaft, then takes it inside her mouth and sucks it deep. Bran wants a piece of the oral action too, so he rolls his lover onto her back and eats his fill, before spooning her and driving his cock back inside her shaven pussy. As the pace of Bran’s thrusts grows more vigorous, Leda quivers through another orgasm, then drops into doggy for Bran to drill her from behind. She slams back against him speedily, meeting his every stroke until she orgasms again, noisily this time. Leda finishes Bran off by hand and he splatters her breasts with a load of the white stuff. It’s a fitting climax to this electrifying mix of love and lust that drives the passion level off the scale

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