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SexArt - Daisy Lee (Level Up) 12.11.16 720p
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Daisy Lee goes down as Maxmilian’s cock goes up in Andrej Lupin’s “Level Up.” We launch straight into the action when blonde beauty Daisy surprises Max in the elevator. The doors open and there she is, dressed in sexy black underwear, waiting for him. She drags him inside and starts kissing him, leading him to the bedroom, then throwing him down and straddling him. The horny babe grinds against Max while his hands wander all over her fabulous body. Daisy dangles her breasts over Maxmilian’s face, letting him suck greedily on them for a moment before she straddles his face with her pussy and grinds on his mouth. She reaches back and slides a hand inside his pants to find him hard already, his dick poking out the top of his waistband. She undresses him and leans down to suck greedily on his cock, stroking him into her mouth while his tongue explores her shaved pussy and his hands caress her peachy ass. Daisy spins around and lowers herself down onto Maxmilian’s cock, bouncing hard, before he takes control and has her get on her knees so he can hammer into her from behind. Daisy’s lusty moans tell him that she loves it when he’s masterful and she happily bucks back against him, breasts jiggling. When she’s flushed pink with arousal, she playfully resumes control, pushing Max onto his back and straddling him again, easing herself up and down his entire length. Her orgasm is loud and hard, and she moans loudly with each downward thrust as she cums on Max’s pole and he blasts his load inside her. The lovers admire the beautiful Mallorcan scenery as they bask in the afterglow of their mutual pleasure

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