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Cute brunette Iwia is on the couch, stroking herself to a sultry jazz soundtrack, as “Retro Collection – Nylons” begins. As sexy and atmospheric as previous episodes of Andrej Lupin’s evocative series, this has a glamorous 1940s pin-up feel, with Iwia flipping up her polkadot skirt to give flashes of her nylon pantyhose and white cotton panties. Looking sharp in a dark suit, Johny D joins her and she immediately runs her hand over his crotch, slipping off her blouse and bra to reveal her perky breasts as they kiss passionately. She opens Johny’s pants and licks around the head of his thick cock, then sinks her glossy red lips down it and sucks it deep. She pauses to remove her skirt, showing off the way her panties and seamed pantyhose cling to her firm ass, then sits astride her man in reverse cowgirl and grinds her silky nylon-clad crotch on his boner. He strokes her legs and fondles her breasts, teasing her puffy nipples. Iwia stands and slides the pantyhose and panties down over the gorgeous curves of her hot ass, gyrating her hips as she tugs them down to mid-thigh and lowers her shaved pussy onto Johny’s rigid dick. As it slides between her sensitive pussy lips, she gasps loudly and immediately starts bucking on and off it, bouncing in his lap energetically. They switch places and Johny drives his cock into her from behind. As the slapping of flesh on flesh and Iwia’s moans of pleasure grow louder, Johny thrusts harder and faster. Her beautiful body shaking uncontrollably, Iwia has an intense orgasm at the very moment that Johny shoots a hot load deep inside her spasming pussy – which gushes out of her honey hole when they uncouple. It’s a sizzling finale to an irresistible slice of “Retro Collection” erotica.

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