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Sexy Cherry Kiss is mad as hell at Alberto Blanco as “Jealousy 4,” Alis Locanta’s latest reimagining of his erotic theme, begins. The amorous lovers soon make up with a flurry of hot kisses, Alberto removing Cherry’s white lace panties to eat her shaved pussy. Cherry moans with pleasure as her man sucks her juicy folds into his mouth and laps at her hot slit, gasping ecstatically he uses two thrusting fingers alongside his tongue to penetrate his insatiable sweetheart. Cherry kisses her own sweetness from Alberto’s mouth, before tugging down his jeans and wrapping her beautiful lips around his huge dick. She bobs up and down the impressive length and girth of it, taking it deep down her throat. Then, once it’s completely spit-lubed from tip to base, she straddles Alberto and rides him cowgirl, his hands squeezing her perfect ass cheeks as she bounces. She spins around to ride in reverse cowgirl, bucking wildly, Alberto reaching around to rub her clit. She slams her pussy down on his cock faster and more ferociously, until an intense orgasm sweeps through her. Cherry slides down onto the carpet on all fours so Alberto can fuck her doggy style, their bodies moving in harmony as he plows in deep. The gorgeous blonde clings to the chair for support as she cums for a second time, howling and glistening with perspiration. But Alberto’s not spent yet, so Cherry sits back in the armchair with her legs spread wide, and he fucks her fast and furiously in missionary, until she climaxes yet again, and he pulls out to shoot his creamy load all over her throbbing pussy lips and inner thighs. There’s no doubt “Jealousy” is the ultimate aphrodisiac for this horny couple.
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