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Gorgeous Charli Red lures Michael Fly away from their chess game with the promise of sex, as Andrej Lupin’s steamy “Match” begins. She starts undressing him, showers his torso with kisses, and pulls out his huge, stiff cock to jerk it with both hands. Dropping to her knees, the stunning brunette feeds its bulbous head between her lips and sucks hard while stroking the shaft intently. She peels down her tight yoga pants and slowly lowers her shaved pussy reverse cowgirl into Michael’s lap. While he gropes her pert breasts, she reaches behind herself and tugs on her ass cheeks until her pussy lips splay open to accept Michael’s pulsing cock deep inside her wet slit. Michael’s face bears an expression of intense concentration as Charli bucks up and down on his dick, perfect ass bouncing, mouth agape in ecstasy. She switches to cowgirl so Michael can guide her by the ass cheeks as she humps even more zealously. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh increases in volume, as Charli rides hard, an intense orgasm rippling through her. Without skipping a beat, Michael stands with his insatiable lover still impaled on his cock, flips her onto her back and immediately resumes driving his prick into her soaked pussy. As another climax engulfs her, he can hold back no longer and shoots his hot load inside her quivering slot, pulling out to let it trickle down her crack. They kiss tenderly, content that they are the perfect “Match.”
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