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Gorgeous Cassie Del Isla goes nuts at Nick Ross when he wakes her from a catnap with a snowball on her bare skin, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Cooling” begins. The French beauty forgives her man and they come together in a hot lovers’ embrace, rolling around on the bed, kissing. Nick undresses his sweetheart and eats her pussy, her legs held high and wide and her nipples stiff as he licks and fingers her shaved slit. She taste her own juice from his lips, unzipping his jeans and stroking his hard cock, gasping with pleasure as he thrusts it into her. He fucks her slowly at first, accelerating as Cassie moans and gazes adoringly into his eyes, driving her wild by switching up the tempo of his pumping hips. They flip over, Cassie straddling Nick in cowgirl and sheathing his thick pole between her succulent pussy lips. Leaning back, she rides vigorously, taking him balls-deep with every bounce of her perfect body. After an intense orgasm, Cassie kisses Nick passionately, then dismounts and licks his thick shaft, running her tongue all around the head, then sucking it deep. They move into spoons, Nick slamming into Cassie while rubbing her juice-slick clit, until she shakes and bucks through another climax. Nick fucks her right through it, then pulls out and shoots his load all over her pussy, trailing his dribbling cock along her sticky slit. The film may be titled “Cooling,” but these lovers are red hot! Be sure to watch to the end to see Cassie take her revenge…

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