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SexArt - Alexa Tomas, Anissa Kate **NEW** (Pour Toi Mon Amour 3 - Met Art - July 08 2015) **NEW**
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Alis Locanta, an Italian expat now based in Spain, once again turns to another European nation for flavor, inspiration, and a certain je ne sais quoi, in the third installment of his lesbian-themed “Pour Toi Mon Amour” series. During the introduction Alexa Tomas poses and preens seductively intercut with a close-up of Anissa Kate’s luscious mouth as she delivers a romantic soliloquy in her native tongue, French. Next the couple stand together in a long hallway. Both dark-haired beauties are soon disrobed and Alexa begins to pleasure Anissa. After lavishing Anissa’s bounteous breasts with worshipful attention, Alexa drops to her knees and begins to kiss, lick, and suck her artfully groomed pussy. With Anissa’s foot placed on a handy stool, Alexa has unimpeded access and makes full use of it, stimulating her shapely partner with all the tools at her disposal. When Tomas finally rises to her feet she uses her skilled and insistent fingers and hands to bring Kate to sweet, moaning climax. Following a shared kiss the roles of giver and taker reverse. After removing Alexa’s white panties, Anissa buries her face in Alexa, hungrily sucking and licking her from behind. Repositioned, Kate next strokes and fingers Alexa from the front. With two fingers probing and penetrating her partner, Anissa soon has Alexa in a breathless and expressive state of high arousal, soon followed by a loud, powerful, and satisfying come. As is often his wont, Locanta appends an epilogue that runs during the credits. Here Anissa Kate, her heavy breasts glistening with oil, plays directly to the camera while Alexa, behind her, gropes, kneads, squeezes and caresses her ample orbs and pinches and rolls her nipples between her fingers. Chest fanciers may feel that Locanta has saved the breast for last, but viewers of all appetites will enjoy “Pour Toi Mon Amour 3” from its debut to its fin.

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