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SCENE opens in Anne's bedroom. She is slowly being woken up from her slumber by daddy, grinning ear-to-ear with lust and devotion. Overnight, he has become a new man, obsessed with his princess. While the rest of his staff watch eagerly from the doorway, he hands the girl a surprise -- a beautiful, brand new necklace from the fanciest jewelry store in town. He tells Anne that he had Ms. Farling go and order it especially for her, as no daughter of his should wear a rusty piece of tin around her neck. Anne smiles at daddy as he takes the necklace out of the box and shows it off, but her expression soon fades. She tells him that she is beside herself with happiness. He is the best daddy she could ever ask for and the charity event at the end of the week is going to be perfect -- but she cannot accept the gift. She explains that her broken heart is the only thing she's ever had that belonged to her real parents. She still believes that they are out there somewhere and, until she finds them, she will never take it off. That is why she is here. She needs his help. daddy studies her for a moment before breaking away. He summons Ms. Farling over and, in a low voice, asks if his assistant had completed the background check on the girl. She nods ...
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