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SCENE OPENS on Marlene (Reagan Foxx), Laura (Jaye Summers), and Bianca (Jane Wilde). They all hold coffee cups and look nervous and somewhat uncomfortable, fidgeting in their chairs. They sit in a circle. They eye each other warily before shifting their gaze to Robert (Seth Gamble), a charming, handsome and sympathetic-looking man. 'As you know, my name is Robert... and I'm an addict,' Robert says. But like all of them, it's not heroin or booze that's his addiction and affliction --he's a sex addict, he continues. He's been in recovery for 5 years now, and leading meetings like this for 3, Robert goes on. He's sure they've noticed that this is a much smaller group than they're all used to, Robert continues. 'I invited each of the three of you to come tonight because you've each stood out to me in the regular meetings due to the fact that each of your stories is particularly...troubling,' he adds, 'and felt you might benefit from some special attention.' Again, the three ladies eye each other curiously. So he'd like to thank them all for coming, he continues. As they work through their steps, they are offered the chance to tell their stories, he goes on. Of course, sharing is NOT obligatory, but it can be a very helpful tool in recovery, so he would like to now go around in a circle, he continues. 'Please introduce yourselves, and if you're comfortable...share,' he says...
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