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SCENE OPENS on Katherine (Emily Willis), a 19-year-old patient, as she is dragged through the halls of the hospital she lives in by a male orderly (Chad White). She is kicking, biting, and screaming in a long straight jacket that envelopes most of her petite frame. Her fuzzy blue socks slip on the floor as she struggles, begging the man to take her back to her room. She promises not to do it again! But the man silently pulls her through a set of double doors and into an empty white room where the chief psychiatrist (Michael Vegas) is quietly waiting for her. The orderly slams her down in a chair in front of him and goes to wait by the doors.'Katherine,' the psychiatrist begins calmly. 'How many times do we need to go over this? It's a strict rule in this facility that you cannot have sexual intercourse with the other patients!' He leans closely into Katherine's face and stares her down, as she turns her head. 'I'm sorry, doctor,' she whispers. 'I couldn't help myself ... I can't control it.' The doctor steps back and pulls up a chair to face her. 'Katherine, I fear that your disorder is going to continue to put you in harm's way,' he continues. 'Do you forget what happened a few months ago with the patient in zone B?' Katherine shakes her head and squeezes her eyes shut. Her mind flashes back to the image of a terrifying man behind bars, coaxing her to come inside with him. 'Do you remember the beating? The way he tore you up?' the psychiatrist continues. 'How he nearly took everything away from you? Almost took your life away from you...
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