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SCENE opens inside Mr. Hands' closet. Anne is seated, curled up in a ball, when she hears the knob slowly turn. The door opens, as Sally crawls in towards her friend, her bad leg dragging behind her. In a hushed tone, she tells Anne to stay quiet and they slowly crawl out together. Mr. Hands is passed out on his desk. As soon as the girls get out of the office, they quickly tip-toe through the common areas to the front door. Anne turns to thank her friend and Sally hands her Mr. Westfield's address. 'I copied it off the letter on Hands' desk while he was sleeping,' she says triumphantly. Anne hugs her friend. Sally smiles, reaching into her pocket and retrieving the necklace. 'Thought you might need this too,' she adds. Anne kisses her, before running off the property and into the night. A car pulls up outside a large estate and Anne steps out, thanking the driver for letting her hitch a ride. It drives off leaving her to take in Mr. Westfield's mansion for the first time. It's the biggest, most luxurious house she has ever seen! But, as Anne looks down at her shabby outfit and dirty hands, she has a moment of self-doubt and starts ...
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