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I’ve been lifting for years. It’s more than just a hobby or something I do so I can pick up girls at the beach. It’s a lifestyle. Even though I got laid off from my job and had to move back in with my parents, I can still workout. I’m so broke I had to get rid of my gym membership, but I still have a few free weights, it’s not much, but it’s enough to get a good pump… The other day my annoying little sister came into my room while I was lifting. She said Mom told her I had to let her workout with me. It’s total bulls#!t. My sister just THINKS she wants to workout. I don’t have time to waste on training someone who never takes anything seriously… I told her to leave me alone, but she wouldn’t stop whining so I agreed to show her a few things as long as she behaved herself… So…I fucked up. I didn’t know my little sister was going to kiss me. It’s my fault, I knew she was turning into a little slut. Maybe I should have tried harder to kick her out of my room, but my little sister is too fucking hot. I couldn’t stop myself. I just won’t let it happen again. And nobody will believe her anyway if she tells anybody… I knew I should have just moved in with my uncle….
Size: 874 MB
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Duration: 00:07:46 + 00:11:39
Type: .AVI

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