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Mr. Pete is really excited for his massage this afternoon. In fact, he's so excited he can't stop blabbing about it to his buddy on the phone. When Tiffany Watson walks into the room, he hangs up the phone as she sits down next to him and greets him with a kiss. When she runs her hand on his jeans, she notices he's already hard. They start making out passionately on the couch. She climbs on top of him as he grabs her ass and slaps it. He's always loved her ass and loves slapping it red. When she starts grinding her pussy on his leg, he takes off her robe and starts playing with her pussy. She starts moaning as he slips a finger inside her, fucking her with his hand. They take off their clothes and he asks her to jump on his dick but she's not fucking him until they shower. They jump in the shower and starts making out passionately. As he plays with her pussy, she jerks him off. Tiffany is practically screaming. When she gets on her knees, she can't help but practically swallow that cock as Mr. Pete rams it down her throat. He lies on the mat as she sits on top of him pouring oil all over her body. He starts pounding her cunt and she rides him. When he eats her out she stops him, telling him to get ready as she squirts all over his face. He puts it back inside as he fucks her finally cumming all over her face.

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