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Tommy Gunn is a little early for his appointment. When the manager greets him at the door, Tommy asks if he can select a girl of his choosing. The manager informs him that usually that would be the case but since he's early, they only have one girl on staff. He assures him that she's a true professional and motions him to the back room to get ready. Tommy gets undressed, turns around and practically screams when he sees his stepdaughter, Jill Kassidy, in front of him. Tommy can't believe she's working there. Jill can't believe he just got married to her mother and is already willing to cheat on her. Tommy replies that he's just here for a massage. Jill tells him that she's doesn't want her mother to find out about this so if it's just a massage she'll service him on one condition; he's gonna have to put his boxers back on. When he turns around, Jill is bent over exposing her hot teenage ass. Tommy can't help but notice how smoking hot she is. When she notices him staring at her, she gets uncomfortable and barks at him to jump in the shower. She lathers up his body as they make small talk. When he tells her he's starting to feel relaxed she's glad...

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