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Casey Calvert leads her second cousin, Seth Gamble, who is carrying a laptop, to a table in her living room and thanks him again for showing up to help her. Running her own business from home has been amazing, but she's a LITTLE behind with the paperwork. Seth states that he's happy to help since that's what family's for. He comments that he's confident he can help her sort through everything and get organized. It's what he does for a living, after all. 'What would we do without accountants? Or second cousins, for that matter!' Casey playfully teases. He tells her more seriously that she really should have an accountant as a small business owner. She admits that she knows this but that her business only started gaining traction recently, which is why she's trying to get the paperwork sorted now. She invites him to sit down at the table, offering him a beverage -- like a tea or coffee -- but he politely declines. He sets his laptop onto the table and says he's ready to get down to business!Casey excuses herself while Seth patiently waits at the table. She returns carrying a box. As soon as he sees the box, Seth's face falls, especially once she tips the box over and spills its contents out onto the table -- a messy pile of unorganized bills and receipts. 'You didn't tell me there was THIS much paperwork!' Seth exclaims, throwing up his hands as he looks astonishingly between the papers and Casey. Casey looks sheepish as she tries to play innocent. 'Like I said, I'm a LITTLE behind...
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