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Tiffany Tatum joins her tailor Renato for an appointment to have some clothes fitted, but she can't help but notice how hot he is. Renato turns his back so Tiffany can change into the clothes that he has altered for her, but he can't help but look over his shoulder to sneak peeks at his stunning client. Tiffany does her own share of peeking, too, so they are even although they don't know it.When Tiffany walks out, Renato gets on his knees to adjust the hem of the skirt. That just won't do; Tiffany drops the skirt to the ground in a blatant message that Renato is happy to accept. Pulling Tiffany's lingerie panties down, Renato reveals her firm bottom and well-trimmed muff so he can explore them with his big hands.Leading Tiffany to a setee, Renato watches in pleasure as she takes a seat and relieves herself of her shirt. Then she pops his stiffie out of his pants, quickly replacing her hands with her mouth. Tiffany is magical with her mouth, which Renato quickly learns as she licks and sucks his fuck stick with the utmost of pleasure. In return, he is happy to roll her onto her back so he can lap away at the sweet juices of her creamy twat...
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