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Olivia Sin is just waking up for the day when Raul Costa joins her in bed and gives her a hell of a reason to delay getting up. She's tousled and sexy in a bra and thong, but Raul is quick to free her titties with his questing hands so he can worship them with his mouth. Moving lower, he continues to tease and flirt with Olivia between kisses and licks until he settles in for a full on pussy feast.Already thrilled with her morning delight, Olivia lets Raul have his sloppy way with her twat and then helps him rid herself of her remaining clothes. Then she pulls his sweats down so she can get to his hard cock. Stroking the root with one hand, she leans in to suck down the head and as much of his shaft as she can possibly deep throat. Then Olivia lays Raul down so she can climb on top of him to kick off an intimate stiffie ride.Eventually Olivia turns around for some reverse cowgirl action. She controls the flow of their coupling until she plants her feet on Raul's thighs and lets him start setting the pace with his big hands guiding her ass up and down. Even after Olivia takes a break for another round of sucking Raul's dick, she still can't get enough of riding his fuck stick with big bounces of her tight booty...
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