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Kyle Mason is attempting to finish up some work on his laptop, but his girlfriend Hime Marie has other ideas for how he ought to spend his time. Strutting up to Kyle in a lingerie outfit comprised of a bra, panties, and thigh-high stockings complete with a garter belt, Hime makes sure she has her boyfriend’s attention by closing the laptop. Kyle knows when he’s been defeated, so he pulls Hime into his arms and samples each of her small breasts until her nipples are hard little peaks of need.Taking Kyle’s hand, Hime leads him to the bedroom where she climbs onto the bed. Kyle knows just what his blonde lover wants as she waves her bottom before him. Dropping to his knees, he pulls Hime into just the right spot with his big hands and then leans in for a lick. The first taste is nowhere near enough, and soon Kyle is face deep in Hime’s snatch slurping away at her juices.Hime takes a moment to kiss the taste of her own musk from Kyle’s lips before pressing him down onto the bed. Crawling on top of him, she pulls out his fuck stick and wraps her small hand around the base to begin stroking. Her hot little mouth comes down to join her hand, sucking and caressing in time to create the perfect storm of sensation...
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