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It's 2:00 and Cindy Shine and her flame Dan have decided to meet up for a bit of afternoon delight. Cindy pulls Dan close to give him a deep kiss, then relocates to the couch once she's assured that he's as ready to go as she is. Dan starts his exploration of Cindy's body by revealing her small breasts. Then he urges her to her feet so he can fill his hands with her bottom and drop kisses all over her hip and thigh.Once Cindy has been relieved of her skirt, Dan lays her back on the couch and buries his face between her thighs. He goes right to work with his tongue, lapping at her clitoris and the cream filled delight of her bald slit. Throwing her head back in delight, Cindy rides one wave of ecstasy after another until Dan eventually pulls back from his oral ministrations.Cindy drops to her knees in front of Dan to relieve him of his clothes, smiling hugely once his big stiffie springs free. She strokes the length, then leans in to drop a kiss on the head of Dan's dick. Once she's down there, it's easy for her to settle in for a blowjob that won't quit until Cindy has had her fill of sucking and slurping...
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