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Alex D. is waiting for his girlfriend Ember Stone to arrive home when Ember's roommate, Alexa Grace, decides to take this opportunity to act on her attraction. Strutting in wearing just a sheer bra and thong lingerie set, Alexa corners Alex on the couch and draws him in for a kiss. The pair are almost caught by Ember when she walks in, but Alexa manages to get away and retreat to her room.As Ember and Alex talk, Alexa stands and listens while caressing her pussy. Alex excuses himself to the other room, where Alexa eagerly gives him a kiss and drops to her knees. Within moments she has pulled out Alex's fuck stick to blow him with absolute enthusiasm, even leaning in to deep throat his stiffie.Eventually Ember starts to wonder where her boyfriend is. She walks in on Alexa and Alex without either of them seeing her. Rather than feel anger at the double betrayal, Ember just feels hot as hell at the possibility. Sure enough, when her roommate and boyfriend spot Ember they beckon her in for a hot horny threesome...
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