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Alex Legend has more than a handful with his busty petite lover Quinn Wilde. He may think he's going to work, but when his bigtit spinner struts up to him in a lingerie bra and thong and a pair of sheer stockings, he knows he's going to have a change of plans. It isn't long before Quinn has relieved Alex of his shirt and he has returned the courtesy with her bra.Taking a seat on the bed, Alex buries his face between Quinn's big boobs. Sucking and licking, he samples each of her hard nipples before falling backward and pulling him on top of him to continue his sensual assault. Briefly satisfied, he rolls Quinn onto her back and slides her thong off so he can enjoy the delectable musk of her trimmed twat. As his love grows wetter, Alex slides two fingers into Quinn's greedy snatch while continuing to work his tongue against her clitoris.Her body humming with excitement, Quinn gets on her hands and knees and wraps her soft fingers around her boyfriend's shaft. Pulling it close, she opens her hot mouth and starts sucking. It isn't long before she has taken Alex as deep as she can so that his stiffie hits the back of her throat on each downstroke...

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