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..An old witch lures Wonder Woman to her house and body swaps her. Wonder Woman's officer friend discovers what happened and the witch (as Wonder Woman) seduces him to prevent him from switching them back...
Opens on Wonder Woman talking to the old woman: Wonder woman heard the cries for help from the old lady and apprehend the criminals. Wonder woman Is offered a gift. As soon as Wonder Woman touches it she screams and starts shaking and falls to the ground and scene fades...The witch now is Wonder Woman. The old Wonder Woman is trapped in the witches body and is taunted by the witch. Yes it worked! Your body is mine!, I knew you would be the perfect target. So virtuous and proper , but always flaunting your perfect body under your costume. My old body was so old and tired. Now I feel so young, so powerful... How does it feel being trapped in my old body , hahahaha Robbed of your eternal youth and power Now all mine! Checks out body in mirror. Now slowly starts to masturbate: I haven't felt like this in centuries! Feels so good. Continues while telling the old Wonder Woman to stop her whimpering and crying and taunting her until she cums. After Wonder Woman cums she looks up and see's the officer friend, How long have you been here watching ? I forgot about you. Now pleading with him: please put down the (magical object) Just don't give it to that old witch over there! so you know I'm not the real Wonder Woman? But why can't I be! I have her body Well, maybe we can both benefit? Did you like what you saw when I was touching myself? No need to switch us back yet ,why don't you just see what I can do for you. I can make all your deepest fantasies come true. I know the way you lusted for her, How you wanted her and she wouldn't even look at you.. You can have her now, I can give you what you always wanted. Gets on knees and starts to rub crotch. Did you think someone so pure would do this. During sex continue to ask the officer if he likes her new body. Aren't I better than the old Wonder Woman? All throughout continue to talk about how good her new body feels, how incredible. I Haven't felt this way in centuries etc. At the end after orgasm. Grab back the mysterious object, saying yes I got it back. Now I'll destroy it and Wonder Womans body will be mine forever!......Mandy Flores

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