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Rope Her & Pole | Raquel Roper
November 23, 2016
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Pussy Gets Pleasantly Punished
Raquel Roper is wound up tighter than just about anyone you've ever met. She disgusts herself, and doesn't think that she deserves to have fun. O.T. doesn't know if she deserves it either, but he knows that he deserves to have fun with her body. It's going to be rough on Raquel. Usually when you stop beating a girl to get her off it's like her moment of rest from the pain, but for Raquel that part might actually be worse. She hates how much she loves it and she knows she needs to punish herself for it, but O.T. has that part covered for her.
To start with, O.T. has Raquel on the floor, her arms tied close to her body, her ankles roped together, and a ball gag stuffed inside her gaping mouth. She whines and rolls around for a while, trying feebly to get out of her ties, until O.T. comes over, picks her up by her neck, and sits her up so that he can use her the way he wants. He chokes her and slaps her face and as she drools and moves around a bit you can see she isn't wearing any panties under her sexy little dress. O.T. cuts some holes in that dress for her nipples to poke through so he can attach clamps to her tits.
He then moves her through a few different positions, tied up with bamboo naked on the floor, stood up roped to the ceiling, lying on her back with her legs spread and her ass exposed. In each of them he uses two tools to make her scream, his flogger and his hitachi. With the hitcachi, his most powerful handheld vibrator, he makes her writhe with pleasure and cry out in shame. With the flogger he beats her tits, her ass, and her pussy, punishing her for the fun she knows she shouldn't get to have.
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