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Lifetime Slut | Sasha Heart | Matt Williams
November 16, 2016
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Pussy Pounded Until the Cunt Cries
Sasha Heart's body is absolutely incredible. She has perky breasts, an ass that won't quit, and an all over tight little figure that could make a grown man cry. That, however is not the plan. Matt Williams ball gags her and ties her legs so they are spread wide and her pussy exposed. Then he ties her nipple clamps down to the floor so that she can't move without causing herself pain. Only then does he take out the cane and start beating her ass and up and down her legs. It looks like Sasha is going to be the one doing all the crying today.
Next, Matt moves Sasha so that she is roped to a chair, her tits held in place by a breast harness. The best part of the setup, though, is the hitachi vibrator set to high power and taped down to the chair between her legs so that she can't move away from it pressing against her clit. All she is left to do is sit there cumming over and over again as Matt attaches clothespins, first to her nipples, and then down her stomach in a zipper. When he tears them away she goes to scream, but Matt covers her mouth with her hand so she can barely even breathe as she shakes and writhes in pain.
By the time he finally decides to move her, Sasha has had the hitachi vibrating her pussy for around fifteen minutes. One might expect that after being vibrated for that long, her pussy might have just gone numb, but actually it works the exact opposite way, making her clit more and more sensitive with every moment it's on. That's why it hurts so much when Matt bends her over backwards and starts flogging her pussy, and why she screams out with such pleasure when he finally stops flogging her and starts finger fucking the life out of her. By the time he's done Sasha has completely lost count of how many times she's cum. It'd be surprising if she even remembered her own name.
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