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What can we say about the Queen of Kink that hasn't already been said? Dana DeArmond is a legend at Kink, with an untold number of shoots under her belt. This time we have her back on Fucking Machines, and we couldn't be more stoked! Dana's been so busy that we haven't had her on this channel since 2007. Now she's back and ready to go! Dana starts her strip tease and we are quickly reminded of why she is such a badass. Her seduction is riveting, and when she begins to masturbate, she blows our minds. She fucks herself so hard, she squirts all over the floor, and we haven't even start fucking her with the machines yet! But soon she's perfectly primed so we get to it. Dana's on her back with her legs spread wide. The machine's turned all the way up, and until she says differently, we maintain this speed. Orgasms pour out of her, and we finally slow it down for her to catch her breath and get ready for the next scene. Dana is now in a doggy position and the machine slowly slides in and out of her wet pussy. We fuck her until she cannot take any more. We give her a few minutes to recover, and then begin the next scene. She is folded in half with her knees next to her shoulders and her pussy eager for more fucking. We repeat the same process and watch as Dana has explosive orgasms over and over until she is satisfied.

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