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Tyler Nixon is lying back on the couch, killing time on his cell phone, when the doorbell rings. He answers it to find his sister's bestfriend Elsa Jean on the porch, backpack slung on her shoulder. As soon as he answers, the teen girl is suddenly nervous and giddy -she's had a not-so-secret crush on him since forever. She energetically says hello to him, even though he barely acknowledges her,hardly looking up from his phone to say a quick hi back. Eagerly, she talks about how nice it is to see him, how she can't wait for thenext sleepover at their house, how she loves his cologne, but always he just mutters a monosyllabic response - 'uh huh', 'ok', etc.Giving up on trying to get her crush's attention, Elsa tries to look through the open door Tyler is blocking - 'Um.. is Steph around?'she asks hesitantly. No, he says, his sister's not home. Elsa looks crestfallen. Steph had promised to help her with her homeworktoday! Sorry, the brother says snidely, guess his sister forgot all about it, she went up to visit her mom out of town, she's stayingthere all weekend. Guess Elsa's out of luck. 'Oh no!' she says dismayed, 'but my certification is on Monday! Who else am I going tofind to help me practice on such short notice?' The brother shrugs as if to say no idea, but feels a bit bad when he sees that Elsa isgenuinely upset. What is this even for, anyways? Elsa explains that she's been taking a physiotherapy class for extra credit, and she'ssupposed to practice some massage techniques. Tyler is a bit intrigued but still plays it cool - 'hey, if it means I can get a freemassage out of it, I guess I can help you out.' Elsa is elated, and thanks him for being so thoughtful. He lets her inside...
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