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Cast: Sabrina Jade, Dirty Dan, Jordanna Fox, Billy King, Satine Spark, Misha Cross, Luke Hot Rod, Amber Nevada, Ava Austen, Max Deeds, Coby Wild
Ava has used up all her batteries and her new hubby is never at the house! What is she to do? When her stepson Luke comes out of the shower she gets a tingle in her mingle and Luke soon learns his stepmom is filthy whore! CJ is looking for Brett only to be greeted by Brett’s new stepmom Jordanna. Barely dressed and no time to chat, CJ is ushered in. Her door ajar, Jordanna leaves nothing to the imagination as she exposes herself through the crack. CJ heard Brett’s new stepmom was a filthy whore but how filthy? Max is a filthy little pervert. His stepmom is only folding clothes but that’s enough for him to whack out his todger. Caught in the act, Misha teaches him a thing or two. Amber is sociable and by sociable we mean she gets naked on camera. Her unsuspecting stepson Luke catches her in the act! Furthermore, it’s how his dad met Amber! If everyone else is getting in on the act why can’t he! Satine just loves to dirty chat to Charlie on her phone. But wait? Who’s Charlie? That’s not Luke’s dad! In anger of his stepmom's dirty adultery he makes sure he gets something in favour of keeping her secret. After all, why have mutton when you can have the lamb?
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