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21 yo Erin is such a good girl, she saved up her orgasms for today by not masturbating at all yesterday. Hey, for a girl who likes to cum daily, that's a big deal! We hope her plane ride from California was particularly bumpy, just to get some extra juices going, if you know what we mean...
Five minutes after TC picks up this week's lovely from the airport, we now she's up for just about anything. TC hands her a small vibrator with which she promptly works on making herself cum in the car. Ah, what a release - finally!
Erin's big tits, that vibe on her clit, and her orgasm face are a turn on to anyone who's not dead below the waste, and that includes our cockmeister TC. Needless to say, before both of them venture upstairs to the hotel room, Erin needs to give TC a quick sample of her dick sucking skills. Verdict? Must. Get. Moar. ASAP!
So we skip most of the behind-the-scenes and go pretty much straight to the good stuff. A quick interview (kinda sorta interesting, Erin is just not all that experienced or whore-ish but there are some nuggets in there), and then it's off to the races. And by races we mean race to cum as often as possible. TC uses the infamous Rabbit vibrator inside Erin's wet pussy, while our babe uses the Wand on her clit to squeeze out another orgasm or two.
After that it's all about cock sucking, 69 (oh she loves having her pussy licked while swallowing TC's sword!), every sex position they can think of (and TC is doing a fantastic job again with the camera angles and lights - you won't miss a thing!) and finally, after some rough sex that young Erin particularly seems to enjoy, our man unleashes one of his trademark cum assaults on Erin's pretty face and into her mouth.
Our girl loved her first porn scene and we're sure you will too. She might want to do more, and quite possible with ExCoGi. We see some anal in the future, maybe a threeway. Nothing is schedule as of right now but if we get enough feedback from you guys, we will try to make it happen.
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