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Don't let the braces fool you, 19 year old Vanna may come across as sweet and innocent, but she's anything but. In fact, this one was literally born for porn and got her sexual start when she was only...well, too young to print here. Her appetites only got bigger as she basically fucked her way through high school and now dances for a living. She wants to be a porn star which is fine by us, we're happy to get her started. Of course there's no better teacher than our stud TC, though you better be careful what you wish for! Luckily for you, Vanna is a porno prodigy and she got right into it with her tight petite body, super wet pussy and that head of red that lets you know she's the fiery one. You can tell she really loves sex, especially when it gets rough. We told you there was more to her than meets the eye! Vanna hadn't had sex for a month before she got to us, so she was excited and eager to get started. A little masturbation is always a good warm up and TC broke out the toys to get her tight hole lubed up. Her pussy wasn't the only thing that was wet, her mouth was just as hungry as she devours TC's cock with a sloppy blowjob. His cock wasn't the only thing to get attention with her soft mouth, his balls and ass got a good licking as well, an impressive start for the would...
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