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After listening to this week's exploitee Tanya's interview I can just hear the requests now: "Get Tanya back for a 3some with another girl", "She needs to be DP'd". Yes this extremely hot newbie is oh so down to licking a girls pussy for the first time and getting DP'd also that we were way ahead of you all. I begged this girl to stay a few days more so we could set them up but it was all for not. Well you know how things are; or maybe you don't. Tanya's a very responsible working girl that manages a restaurant at the age of 18 and could not stay longer than the weekend she already had allotted for. Trust me, she was fully down and committed to coming back in a week or so to live out those fantasies and I was busy planning the debauchery. As it goes with so many first timers, or buying cars, if the girl or buyer walks out the door and says they will come back to buy the car or do another shoot, the chances are slim to non they will. Only Tanya knows why she went MIA on us but thank God she did 2 scenes with us. As I say, DON'T BE SAD IT'S OVER, BE GLAD IT HAPPENED. So as the story goes, our good buddies over at BackRoomCastingCouch told us of this incredibly hot girl and were kind enough to hook us up, and what a hookup it was. If you haven't seen her first sex on camera over there you are missing out. Tanya is definitely a unicorn. Super hot, fucking incredible body, adorable personality, tried anal for the first time 1 week ago and LOVES it, wants to lick another girls pussy and is basically up for anything sexual you will throw at her...
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