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Officer Boss is THE BOSS!
Dec 8, 2016 - Jordan Boss , Tyler Rush
Hi and HD MP4.
Kinkmen favorite Jordan Boss makes his house Dom debut in this super hot scene! The gorgeous Tyler Rush has found himself locked up in the clink once again, and wastes no time trying to get to know the hot new officer on the block... But everyone knows you don't fuck with the Boss unless you're looking for some serious punishment. Officer Boss drags Tyler around his cell, manhandling him and humiliating him as Tyler licks his filthy toilet clean, and then has his tight asshole punished mercilessly by the Officer's night stick. Then the Boss fucks Tyler's mouth with his thick hard cock and begins punishing his prisoner with the flogger - after a deliciously sloppy blowjob Tyler finds himself bound in a stairwell receiving an intense beating, and his screams echo throughout the cellblock. Finally Officer Boss ties Tyler to the side of his cell and puts clover clamps all over his balls before fucking his ass hard and fast until both studs blow their hot loads all over the place in two explosive orgasms!
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