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{SexArt} Silvie Deluxe - Crew .....(31 December 2016).........P4U.......
Andrej Lupin’s entertaining take on events behind the scenes at a SexArt shoot, “Crew” gets off to a supposed false start when pussy hound Thomas Lee is jokingly labeled a pervert by the director – because he grabs brunette sex kitten Silvie Deluxe’s pussy too soon. Take two sees eager Silvie throw Thomas down into an armchair and shower him with kisses. They gaze into each other’s eyes as Silvie takes off her top and white panties, and pulls down Thomas’s jeans to grab his stiff, uncut cock. She licks up the shaft and circles the wet head as she jerks it until she senses he’s more than ready, then straddles him and slides her plump-lipped pussy repeatedly down the length of his cock. Silvie’s body undulates as Thomas sucks her gorgeous pert breasts. She reaches between her legs and guides his big, hard dick deep inside her shaven pussy, riding it in cowgirl as he squeezes her ass cheeks. Silvie’s bouncing accelerates and her moans of pleasure grow louder. When she’s on the verge of coming she spins around into reverse cowgirl, spreads her legs, pulls both feet up onto Thomas’s knees and goes into fuck overdrive. Eyes closed, she strums her clit and gasps frantically as she reaches boiling point again, then slows down to stop herself tipping over the edge. Thomas takes the reins, fixing Silvie with a determined stare as he grabs her hips and resumes hammering his dick inside her, slowly and with great intensity. Both come close to orgasm several times but it’s evident neither is in a rush to conclude their coupling, every thrust and moment of body contact being slow and calculated to achieve maximum stimulation. Eventually Silvie ends up in doggy position with Thomas thrusting his tool in and out of her pussy fast and fiercely, until they come simultaneously, with his cock buried deep inside her. Thomas kisses Silvie’s neck lovingly and she throws her head back, eyes closed, lost in ecstasy and oblivious to everything except their mutual pleasure.
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