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Bringing Back Some of Our Favorites!: The Indestructible Derek Pain
30MinutesOfTornment--34611 Derek
Hi - mp4 Only
The Chair - Derek Pain begins his challenge bound in the chair as Van punches him in the chest and beats him with the crop. Clothespins are clamped across his chest and all across his balls as Derek screams at the top of his longs when each one is ripped from his flesh. The Pit - The bound body builder struggles to balance on stilts while enduring a flogging. After he's warmed up, Derek endures the biggest flogger Van possesses before he's taken off to the water chamber. The Water Chamber - Derek hangs, suspended over a giant water tank as he's dropped and plunges in face first. Clover clamps then pinch down his torso to keep him afloat before he's dunked back into the water. After three intense challenges, Van milks Derek's rock hard cock till he blasts his cum all over.
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