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[JWTIES / Clips4Sale] Terra Coxx (A Spring Fling with Daddy) 480p
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Dear Diary
Last night the guys came over for the game and sat around drinking while I paraded around in my skimpy clothes. Daddy went to get some chips for the guys so I headed upstairs. I left my door cacked and started playing with myself knowing Daddy would be coming up to pee soon. I heard him coming up the stairs and moaned loudly making him rush in.
The sight of me masterbating was too much for my Daddy between the drinks and his lack of sex he lost control. Daddy climbed on top of me and rubbed his cock against my pussy while holding his hand over my mouth. He whispered it's just a Spring Fling as he slid his cock into my tight pussy and started fucking me just like my fantasy. Daddy took his hand off my mouth and buried his face in my pussy making me cum loudly. Daddy put his cock in my mouth and fingered me to orgasm then fucked me really hard. He asked me if I liked it and when I said yes he exploded inside me just like I planned.
We collapsed together on my bed and when I woke Daddy was fondling me. He made me cum while I sucked his cock and then asked me to ride him. I fucked him like crazy and we got into some pretty hot positions before he came inside me once more. I know I'm going to end up prenant soon even if it was just a spring fling
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