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[ExploitedCollegeGirls] - Lilly [NEW November 17, 2016]
Lilly asks TC to choke her so that she can have an orgasm. Then she cums and squirts. Nice opener for Lilly’s scene description, huh? Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the overall point – this girl is KINKY. It’ll be apparent that we are dealing with a whole different level of woman about 10 seconds into her porn debut. In a terribly lit bathroom, Lilly’s playful attitude becomes obvious just by the way she sits in the sink (!), shows off her ass by standing in the sink (!!), and starts hinting at how sexually obsessed she is. TC can’t wait and we cut to Lilly dancing in the shower like a stripper. She strips her panties and bra off and we get to see her super tight, petite body. The only issue with it are those goddamn tattoos. In fact, those tats are probably the only bad thing in this whole video. It really is that good. Obviously our cockmeister isn’t going to waste any time. After some kissing and rubbing, Lilly gets on her knees in the shower and sucks TC’s already rock-hard cock. That’s not enough for either of these kinksters so they both fuck for a few minutes, and then Lilly sucks off her own juices from TC’s cock. So that’s the intro. Up next – selecting clothes. Snore. But it’s short and we get to see Lilly’s sexy body once again. Then it’s showtime. After a pretty detailed interview (boyfriends, first time sex/bj, she never used toys, like, ever…etc.), we get to watch one of the most energetic, hottest, and kinkiest scenes of the year. Lilly doesn’t hold back. She knows what she wants – everything! – and TC obliges. This is her first porn scene and she learns how much she enjoys watching herself in those little camcorder screens so occasionally she does turn it up for you, dear member. But most of the time she just enjoys the fuckfest.
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