I have a new habit that has come about since the whole pandemic has taken over. When I get done at the office, I change into a dress and throw my work clothes in a plastic bag to bring home and launder. At first, it was tedious changing at the end of the day. I am usually pretty anxious to get home. But, I found that if I put on a dress, it makes changing easier. And, it makes me feel better after working a full shift. I even had Johnny purchase me a bunch of new dresses (oh bother) for this exact purpose. He was more than happy to oblige. Because, you know exactly what a new dress means for us. That's right. Johnny gets to tie and gag me. Just for you, my darling friends. So, today is no different. I come home wearing my olive long sleeve dress, stockings, panties and garter belt. I, also, pair it with my seldom seen patent leather brown high heels. Bet you didn't even know about this pair of shoes, that I have had for years! When I arrive at the house, Johnny leads me to the bedroom (oh geez! He was waiting for me!) and ties me in a strict chair tie with rope. Naturally, he adds a white microfoam tape gag to make the rope and white panties really pop in the video. It doesn't hurt that the tape makes me a little quieter. I am sure you don't mind either!

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